Customs Clearance Team - AEO Accredited


Need advice?????

Our Specialists can advise you on what documents are required for your shipment. They can also advise you on the best way to ship or import your goods, and can run through any licencing or special procedures that may be applicable to your goods.



We can arrange for Chamber of Commerce documentation to be raised. We can advise on Hazardous Freight. We can also supply accompanying documents relating to the specific clearance that we perform for you, to keep your Auditors and VAT Inspectors happy.


Deferred Duties And Taxes

We offer use of our FAS and Deferment Accounts if you do not have your own, and we are able to give your precise details of what Customs Duties and Taxes your freight will be liable for.

Contact Michelle Higgins for any help that you may require with your Customs work.